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6 Things You Should Do During the First Hour of Your Day

June 13, 2018

Via: Business 2 Community

How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Have you ever wondered how successful people start their day? Sure, having a morning routine or a morning ritual lined up along with an organized plan […]

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A Plan Without Dates is a Dream

May 16, 2018

Via: Inc.

Picture this: you gather with your executive team and have a great energetic conversation about what needs to happen in your organization. Seemingly everyone contributes innovative ideas and leaves the meeting all jazzed up. And yet, in the end, nothing […]

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Plan Your Most Productive Day In 10 Minutes or Less

May 1, 2018

Via: Inc.

If you’re like me, you have a growing to-do list filled with big ideas to accomplish. Yet it might often seem like the day quickly gets away from you. Meetings, emails, social media, and other distractions suck up your time, […]

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Professionals: How to Be More Productive at Work

April 25, 2018

Via: Business 2 Community

At calendar, we like to teach others how to be more productive at work. Productivity is hard to measure. Just because you work a ton of hours, doesn’t mean you’re working efficiently. You see, it’s not about working hard – […]

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Creating Strong First Impressions As a Leader

April 24, 2018

Via: Business 2 Community

You’ve likely heard this saying: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” And it’s true. You can’t take whatever you said or did back after all is said and done. Here’s another one: “Fake it until […]

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3 Bad Habits You Need to Drop if You Want to Stay Organized

April 19, 2018

Via: Business 2 Community

If you’re like most entrepreneurs or business professionals, you probably have a million things going on. Whether you’re balancing multiple gigs or multiple positions within the same job, it can be difficult to stay organized. When I launched my first […]

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Hate Your Job? Here’s How to Bounce Back and Find Your Passion.

April 18, 2018

Via: Entrepreneur

Discovering your ultimate passion in life can take more than one test run. At times, that search for a life passion can be a costly one — especially when you dedicate years of loans and schooling to discover you never […]

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Want to Know Why your Freelance Business Needs a Rush Fee? Read This

April 11, 2018

Via: Small Business Trends

A freelancer’s passion is to help people in some way whether you’re offering writing, design, or another service. Being a little too helpful can cause us to not set proper boundaries with our clients. Beware — unclear boundaries and doing […]

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Leaders Who Make Their Own Luck Do These 5 Things

April 3, 2018

Via: Inc.

Imagine your life as a slot machine. The goal is to make all the windows turn up cherries. Now suppose that instead of spinning all the reels each time you pull, you could freeze in place the cherries already won, […]

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5 Sure-Fire Ways To Spark Your Inspiration

March 16, 2018

Via: Forbes

Each of us finds inspiration in our own way. Some find it pouring over the pages of a glossy food magazine; some find it walking along the beach; others find their inspiration among friends. However you find inspiration, it’s oh-so-important […]