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Why Do You Need to Automate Your Content Tagging With AI?

June 6, 2018

Via: Business 2 Community

If you have content, you tag it. If you have web content, you tag it in your content management system. Your authors do it every day. And it feels somehow free. You never get a bill for content tagging–people who […]

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5 Marketing Technologies to Use in 2018

May 22, 2018

Via: Small Biz Club

The realm of technology is one that is as dynamic as the wind that is constantly moving and is also frequently changing direction. Similarly, marketing trends change every year, which is the normal way that these technologies work. This dynamic […]

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9 Analytics Considerations for Redesigning Your Website

May 17, 2018

Via: Small Biz Club

The inevitable is happening—you’re planning a relaunch or a website redesign. While “ugh” might be your first thought, your hopes are still high. A new design and new experience will increase your bottom line …right? Redesigning your website can absolutely […]

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The Ultimate Question You Need to Ask All of Your Clients

May 8, 2018

Via: Business 2 Community

There is an ultimate question you should be asking all of your clients at least once per year. An Astonishing Fact It’s astonishing to find out that most companies lose their clients, because they don’t pay enough attention to them. […]

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Customers Are People, Not Products: Here’s to the End of the Advertising Model

April 13, 2018

Via: Small Biz Club

Imagine you’re reading an online article about what steel tariffs mean for construction and manufacturing industries, and suddenly, you find yourself distracted by a “real” photo of a family eating Thanksgiving dinner with a grizzly bear they allegedly raised from […]

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Reconstructing Performance Management for Both the Employee and the Company

April 6, 2018

Via: Aberdeen Essentials

In 2017, Aberdeen found that 64% of Best-in-Class companies (the top 20% of performers as defined by Aberdeen’s Best-in-Class research methodology) distrusted traditional performance reviews. This sets the tone for a major challenge facing organizations today: Traditional performance reviews are […]

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AI in Marketing: 4 Crazy Myths You Need To Stop Believing

March 26, 2018

Via: Entrepreneur

Lately, AI-powered marketing has been a buzzword across the world. And while the whole marketing world is talking about it, a recent study finds that AI adoption in marketing is limited by marketers. Why? Because it is still quite new […]

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Launching and Building Your Online Marketplace: A 4-Step Approach

March 23, 2018

Via: Small Biz Club

The time is ripe for online marketplace businesses, and their reach just keeps expanding. Peer-to-peer rentals, a hub for finding and booking key services, B2B networks or exchanges between individuals – anything’s possible. In an age when web and mobile […]

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4 Small Expenses That Remove Stress and Help Your Business Grow

March 9, 2018

Via: Small Biz Club

One of my biggest challenges when opening my business was deciding how and when to spend money. At first, we tried to go for the home run. A $5,000 radio ad buy? Yeah, we did that. We sold practically nothing. […]

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Leverage AI to Transform Your Marketing Plans

February 27, 2018

Via: Small Biz Club

Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming the norm in a myriad of industries, but many small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs alike still have yet to employ it to meet their business goals. Few mom and pop shops seem to realize […]