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Remote Employees Are Missing Out on Promotions, Here’s What to Do

June 22, 2020

Via: Inc.

Remote employees risk being passed over for promotions and high-profile assignments in favor of their on-site peers, experts agree, and research backs them up. That’s a big problem for business owners who allow some of their workforce to work from home, as well as for employees themselves. Both employers and employees need to make sure that working from home doesn’t equate to hobbling your career.

There’s no problem with working from home in an all-remote organization such as WordPress parent company Automattic or (naturally) the remote-work job site FlexJobs. But fairness issues often arise for companies that have some employees working in the office and others working remotely. And that’s an increasingly popular model in a world affected by Covid-19. Twitter and Facebook are just the most high-profile companies to make this transition.

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