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Take a Chance on Happiness. Here’s How

August 10, 2022

Via: Entrepreneur

Is it possible to choose happiness? In most cases, happy people know that happiness is a choice that must be made daily. Happy people don’t care about their circumstances and aren’t looking for happiness in people or stuff. The trick? […]

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15 Fitness Business Ideas

June 29, 2022

Via: Small Business Trends

The health and fitness industry is booming. So there are plenty of opportunities for fitness professionals to start their own successful enterprises. If you’re looking for fitness startup ideas to launch in 2022, here are some to consider. The Fitness […]

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How Temptation Bundling Can Actually Make It Fun to Create Better Habits and Boost Your Willpower

June 17, 2022

Via: Inc.

Sometimes the hardest things to do are the best things you can do for yourself and, by extension, your business. Take exercise. Many entrepreneurs see health and fitness as their competitive advantage, since exercising at moderate intensity for 20 minutes […]

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14 Top Health Influencers

May 18, 2022

Via: Small Business Trends

If you run a business in the health and wellness industries, influencer marketing may be a powerful tool. Running a marketing campaign with these popular content creators can help you reach your ideal audience. This method is powerful for a […]

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12 Habits of Successful People Working Out of Their Home

May 12, 2022

Via: Entrepreneur

What do Apple, Disney, Microsoft, Harley-Davidson, and Yankee Candle Company have in common? Besides all being successful and profitable companies you might not see any other similarities. But, they all started out in garages. But, working out of your home […]

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Why your organization’s wellness app isn’t working

July 15, 2021

Via: Strategy+Business

I recognized the buzz in my pocket. It was my daily reminder to meditate, courtesy of my employer’s wellness app. As usual, I ignored it and went back to work. Make no mistake, I appreciate the concern and generosity reflected […]

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Experiencing Burnout? Here’s How to Fix It.

July 2, 2021

Via: Entrepreneur

According to a survey done by Indeed that included 1,500 U.S. workers, burnout is on the rise. Over half (52%) of survey respondents are experiencing burnout in 2021 — up from the 43% who said the same in Indeed’s pre-Covid-19 […]

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11 Tips for Returning to the Office Safely

June 23, 2021

Via: Business 2 Community

As COVID-19 vaccinations continue to be rolled out nationwide, businesses are starting to reopen their doors and ask employees to return to the office. While this is great news for the economy, many people do not feel totally safe going […]

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Stop the Sick Day Resentment

May 7, 2021

Via: Business 2 Community

Tomorrow is a busy day at work. You’ve planned for it, scheduled properly, made the needed operational adjustments, and kept your fingers crossed so that everything will work out as planned. Then it happened… The first thing in the morning […]

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1 in 3 Millennial Employees Prioritize Career Over Health Benefits

September 29, 2020

Via: Small Business Trends

The ongoing coronavirus crisis brought health care benefits at the center of employee benefits. But for millennials, career advancement opportunities are still the main driving force. According to the latest survey from Life Extension, about one-third of millennials prioritize work […]

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The easiest way to start meditating is now in… Snapchat?

July 20, 2020

Via: Mashable

While bringing your attention to your breath and softening your gaze in the newest place to meditate with Headspace, you might — in the parlance of mindfulness — “notice” something: Your friend’s Bitmoji reassuringly bopping in a tiny bottom corner […]

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Redefining employee experience: How to create a “new normal”

July 10, 2020

Via: Strategy Business

COVID-19 has swept through workplaces like a hurricane, scattering employees in every direction, exposing many to new risks, and redefining what workers need to do their jobs safely, efficiently, and effectively. At the same time, customers’ needs and expectations have […]

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25 Habits That Will Help Keep You Productive

March 6, 2020

Via: Business 2 Community

Habits influence a lot in our daily lives. Think about your schedule and how much of it is routine. Think about how many activities you can do on autopilot. Some habits may be small like grabbing a snack every day […]

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6 Ways Employers Can Encourage Healthy Work-Life Balance

April 27, 2017

Via: Small Biz Club

Having and maintaining a healthy work-life balance seems like a dream sometimes. But is it really possible? These days, schedules have become busier and more hectic than ever, which often causes our personal lives to suffer. That’s why today, most […]

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5 Effective Ways for Entrepreneurs to De-Stress

August 18, 2016

Via: Small Business Trends

Let’s be honest. Being an entrepreneur is stressful. Yes, I know I sound like Captain Obvious, but it’s true. Every day, you work to earn more customers, keep your current customers happy, all while managing the other aspects of your […]

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Morning habits that will help you reduce stress and improve your health

February 24, 2016

Via: Michael Boyd

Almost any job in the world comes with a certain level of stress. Though sometimes it might be motivational – depending on each individual, the overall effects of stress over time are negative. Regardless of what your current job is, […]