Employees Say In-Person Training Better Than Virtual

June 10, 2021

Most employees (67%) believe in-person training is more successful than remote training. 62% say physical training is more enjoyable than virtual, and 56% of employees find in-person training more satisfactory than remote. These statistics were unveiled by a study by […]

How to Optimize Listings on eBay

June 1, 2021

Like many online marketplaces, eBay is an excellent platform for gaining brand visibility and connecting with a broader audience of new customers. However, putting your products up for sale online is just one part of maximizing the benefits of online […]

7 Software Solutions To Enhance Your Business

May 27, 2021

Running an organization is not a walk in the park, especially if it is a startup! You need to be cautious about the people you hire and the tools that you and your team use. After all, both of these […]

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Ways Proactive Customer Service Can Lead to Customer Retention and Growth

June 10, 2021

Via: Business 2 Community

Picture this – you are at a shop picking oranges. The shopkeeper calls out to you and asks you to not pick any that day. He had received many complaints that this lot of oranges were too sour. What impression […]

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3 Steps to Set Up Sales KPIs That Actually Work

June 9, 2021

Via: Entrepreneur

The best customer wins feel natural, making the right connections at the right times. But business owners know there’s a method behind the magic, as well as plenty of hard work, passion and tough decisions along the way. Key performance […]

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Championing Diversity in the Venture Capital Industry

June 9, 2021

Via: Inc.

Seeking out venture capital is one of the most important activities for high growth companies. It’s critical that everyone has an equal opportunity to receive such funding. There are many entrepreneurs emerging every day who have identified problems and designed […]