Here is What You Need for the Success of Your E-Commerce Business

October 16, 2019

E-commerce is booming. You can even do your grocery shopping online. If there was ever a time to jump on the e-commerce bandwagon, it’s now and doing so just got even easier. A successful e-commerce business can take many forms. […]

Want to Enjoy Life More? Ruthlessly Eliminate This Personality Trait

October 9, 2019

Via: Inc.

Bitterness is like a mood-altering drug. It affects your disposition and impacts your relationships. When bitterness creeps in, it tends to stick to your soul for months or even years. To truly enjoy life and all it has to offer, […]

The Worst Part of Being a CEO Is Having to Fire an Employee. Here’s How to Do It Respectably

October 3, 2019

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When you’re the company founder or CEO, a time is going to come when you’re going to have to fire someone. The first hires at a startup are too important: if you get one wrong, the company will suffer. If […]

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How to Make the Most of Customer Experience Feedback

October 15, 2019

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Acting on customer experience feedback gives you a competitive advantage. No other enterprise has access to the information you can gather from your customers. No one else gets to have a personal conversation with the very people your product is […]

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82% of Business Failure is Due to Poor Cash Management (INFOGRAPHIC)

October 14, 2019

Via: Small Business Trends

The first year of operation for small businesses is full of challenges. And when it comes to capital, most of them rely on personal savings and income from another job. The data comes from SCORE’s second part of a three-part […]

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How to create an effective business for sale ad and ensure it gets the best results

October 14, 2019

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For-sale listings are a critical part of the business transaction as a whole. However, with all the time it takes to prepare a business to be placed on the market, creating the actual listing tends to fall to the bottom […]