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Financial Blinders Are Key to Building Wealth

April 19, 2024

Via: Inc.

If you’ve ever seen a horse-drawn carriage or watched the Kentucky Derby, you likely noticed that the horses typically wear blinders around their eyes to block their peripheral vision. This helps to keep them focused on the path ahead while ignoring all the distractions in the world around them. This same concept applies to building wealth which requires you to stop dwelling in the past, ignore the distractions in the present, and focus on the path ahead.

When I have introductory meetings with clients, the most common sentiment they express is one of regret. Bad financial decisions, not prioritizing investing sooner, and failing to be prepared for emergencies. But the key to building wealth is to put on your financial blinders so that you stop looking in the rearview and start moving forward. The best financial blinders have the following three elements.

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