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Stress Kills. Here’s How to Reduce it in the Workplace

July 31, 2018

Via: Inc.

While workplace accidents have dropped considerably over the last several decades, one aspect of work still poses a threat to employees: stress. Many studies have pointed to stress as being a silent killer in the workplace. In his book Dying […]

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How a Business Owner Can Take a Vacation Like a True Boss

July 25, 2018

Via: Business 2 Community

Many people aspire to be the boss so that they can control their own schedule and take off as much time as they want. However, the stark reality is that many owners don’t take vacations at all, year after year. […]

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The Simple But Effective Way to Stop Worrying So Much (It Sounds Ridiculous But It Actually Works)

July 16, 2018

Via: Inc.

“I just can’t shut off my brain. I worry so much I can’t pay attention to what I’m doing.” I hear comments like this in my therapy office on a daily basis. Whether you’re constantly worried about money or you […]

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How Dealing With Depression Can Be the Key to Your Success

July 13, 2018

Via: Inc.

We are in the midst of a mental health crisis in our country, and unfortunately, there is still a stigma about mental illness. While we can talk to each other about our projects, our coworkers, even the intimate details of […]

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9 Ways High-Performing Entrepreneurs Handle Stress

June 27, 2018

Via: Entrepreneur

Stress is often the result of high levels of activity over a sustained period of time. We feel pushed to the brink. We feel overwhelmed and anxious because we’re constantly engaged. To maintain our mental and physical health and be […]

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How to Restore Work Life Balance in your Freelance Business

May 30, 2018

Via: Small Business Trends

For quite a while, I was hyper focused on growing my business and paid very little attention to anything other than work. I thought I had to be working all the time to become a successful freelancer. My business grew, […]

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Worrying Too Much Is Ruining Your Productivity — Here’s How to Get Past It

May 15, 2018

Via: Inc.

I’m a firm believer that no emotion is inherently “bad”–everything you feel is supposed to guide you, teach you something or protect you. But worry is an emotion that, if not handled in the right way, can keep you from […]

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Hate Your Job? Here’s How to Bounce Back and Find Your Passion.

April 18, 2018

Via: Entrepreneur

Discovering your ultimate passion in life can take more than one test run. At times, that search for a life passion can be a costly one — especially when you dedicate years of loans and schooling to discover you never […]

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4 Small Expenses That Remove Stress and Help Your Business Grow

March 9, 2018

Via: Small Biz Club

One of my biggest challenges when opening my business was deciding how and when to spend money. At first, we tried to go for the home run. A $5,000 radio ad buy? Yeah, we did that. We sold practically nothing. […]

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Why Science Says a Little Stress at Work Is a Good Thing

February 14, 2018

Via: Inc.

80 percent. This is the number of American workers who say they are stressed on the job. And nearly half of them say they need help managing that stress. I am not sure what kind of “help” can be offered […]