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Trademark Ownership Strategy

November 16, 2017

Via: Small Biz Club

I’ve stressed the importance of trademarks on many occasions. In short, owning (and controlling) the brand name is essential on the journey of franchising. It’s one of the many reasons that California cannabis companies can’t franchise. Acquiring the trademark isn’t […]

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You’re Only Leading 75 Percent of the Time. Here’s How You Reach 100%

November 15, 2017

Via: Inc.

As a company leader, think about how you spend your day. How much time do you spend on tasks that aren’t technically your responsibility? How long are you at your desk each day? How much time do you actually have […]

General organization management, Strategic planning

So You Have Your Buyer Personas—Now What?

October 31, 2017

Via: Business 2 Community

Congratulations! You have finished your journey of creating buyer personas. Now you are done, right? Wrong. Just because you now have your personas written out, it doesn’t mean the work is done. Only 44 percent of B2B marketers use buyer […]

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How Can Companies Get Better at Personalization?

October 26, 2017

Via: Aberdeen Essentials

Nathan Kontny is the CEO of Highrise, a CRM tool built by the team behind Basecamp. Prior to Highrise, Nathan was a software engineer and designer for 15 years. He began his entrepreneurial career with two Y Combinator backed startups: Inkling in 2005 and Draft in 2011.  […]

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Are You Growing Your Business From What You Are Learning?

October 25, 2017

Via: Business 2 Community

Invest In Yourself If you’ve been listening to my podcast or reading my blog for a while, you know I’m a huge advocate of investing in yourself. That means training. That means hiring coaches, getting programs, reading books, going to […]

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7 Common But Vital Tips to Becoming the Perfect Business Leader

October 23, 2017

Via: Small Biz Club

Many of today’s startups were developed by young entrepreneurs with entrenched invincibility. They excel in technology and innovation, but lack leadership ability. There are many strategies to help with effectively leading an organization, but leadership starts from within. Below are […]

General organization management, Strategic planning

5 Keys to Modern, Ongoing Performance Management

October 9, 2017

Via: Aberdeen Essentials

As we continue to move deeper into the performance management revolution, more and more companies are following in the footsteps of Deloitte, GE, and others who have overhauled their approach. No longer is the annual review the sole form of […]

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How to Get Over Your Fear When You Need to Switch Gears

October 5, 2017

Via: Entrepreneur

Simon Huck knew he loved all things pop culture from the time he was 10 years old. He moved to New York City from Canada and began his career working for PR guru Lizzie Grubman. A year later, he transitioned […]

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Broke No More: How do you financially prepare for a career change?

September 28, 2017

Via: CNN

Q: How should someone prepare, financially, for a career change in their late 20’s, 30’s? — Jason Mathews The first step in preparing for a career change: thinking about time. Ask yourself: “How much time do I need to make […]

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6 Types Of Businesses You Can Start Tomorrow

September 26, 2017

Via: Small Business Trends

Are you tired of working your regular 9-to-5? Does the thought of spending another day at a job you hate make you cringe? If this is the case, you have probably thought about stepping out on your own. You might […]