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You’ve Been Tracking Employee Productivity All Wrong

April 8, 2021

Via: Entrepreneur

Using software to track and monitor employees has never sat right with me. Maybe it’s because I played a role in developing some of the first programs intended for that purpose. In the late ‘90s, companies were faced with a […]

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15 Best Brand Monitoring Tools

July 21, 2020

Via: Business 2 Community

Brand monitoring is something you should’ve been doing yesterday — but the next best time to start is now. In all seriousness, monitoring mentions of your brand on social media and the web is essential for taking care of a […]

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Four Digital Tips For Analyzing Your Startup Idea’s Viability

March 15, 2018

Via: Forbes

According to a CB Insights report, 42% of startups fail because there’s no market need for the product or service they offer. This is a distressing statistic for would-be entrepreneurs. An often overlooked or underappreciated first step to starting a […]