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How to Start a Private Home Care Business

October 4, 2023

Via: Small Business Trends

Starting a private home care business presents an intriguing blend of opportunities. On one hand, entrepreneurs find themselves in a position to offer essential services that enhance the quality of life for many individuals. On the other hand, the venture […]

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Why Startups Need to Prioritize Blockchain Technology

March 31, 2022

Via: Entrepreneur

Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger that provides a permanent and immutable record for transactions if you’re unfamiliar. This article will give an overview of what blockchain technology is, how it can be used in your start-up organization, […]

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Top 10 Challenges Small Business Owners Are Facing Today

October 5, 2017

Via: Small Business Trends

Want to know the biggest challenges facing small businesses? The National Federation of Independent Businesses may have at least a partial answer. The NFIB’s Index of Small Business Optimism has been an invaluable resource since 1975. They’ve done research on […]

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Is Trump keeping his three big health care promises?

March 20, 2017

Via: CNN

President Trump has made some pretty big league promises when it comes to improving Americans’ health care. Even before he launched his presidential campaign in 2015, Trump regularly blasted Obamacare and promised to replace it with something that costs less. […]

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Health care will cost you $260,000 in retirement

August 17, 2016

Via: CNN

Saving for retirement might be easier if you know how much money you’ll actually need. It’s a tough number to nail down, but a new report estimates how much you’ll spend on what’s likely to be your biggest expense: health […]