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The Costs Mount When Customer Service is Disconnected

October 29, 2018

Via: Business 2 Community

The unfortunate truth is that customer service often works in isolation. While companies realize its important role in responding quickly to customers problems, still they are left to operate on their own without support from other departments. They are a […]

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Apply These 29 Secret Techniques to Get the Most Out of Your Team

October 26, 2018

Via: Small Business Trends

As marketers, we are used to trying to influence people to make a purchase, but what about when you want to influence someone to do you a favor or agree with your opinion? Influencer marketing can be powerful — and […]

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Why Even the Most Innovative Product Needs Advertising

October 26, 2018

Via: Inc.

The best and most innovative products don’t win without great branding, advertising, and marketing. You cannot skip over these key elements if you are looking for long-term success. The problem is that plenty of new businesses have no idea where […]

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Could You Be the Next Apple? Only Your Business Plan Knows for Sure

October 22, 2018

Via: Inc.

I have worked with everyone from high tech startups to Broadway shows helping them figure out how to brand themselves, craft their marketing message and create a pitch deck that gets an investor’s attention (and money). Time and again, I […]

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10 Easy Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Website

October 18, 2018

Via: Business 2 Community

When it comes to your digital marketing plan, one of your main goals should be to increase website traffic. More traffic means more sales because people will see your brand. Even if you do not immediately convert visitors into customers, […]

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Effectively Incorporating Dates into Your Resume

October 17, 2018

Via: Business 2 Community

A lot of confusion with resume writing – and especially formatting – centers on dates. How far should you go back? Do you include months and years or just years? Should dates go on the left or right side? What […]

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Getting the Most out of Your Sales CRM [10 Ways]

October 16, 2018

Via: Business 2 Community

A lot of people now store contact information and other essentials in their smartphones and other devices, saving room and hassle. However, there are much easier ways than sifting through page after digital page to find what you’re looking for. […]

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Writing Flexibility Into Your Business Model Can Save Your Company

October 15, 2018

Via: Entrepreneur

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the start of the U.S. economy’s Great Recession, aptly given the moniker as the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Claiming over 170,000 small businesses between 2008 and 2010, the Great Recession […]

Customer relationship management, General organization management

The Best CRM Software for Small Business Users

October 8, 2018

Via: Small Business Trends

Are you looking for a new CRM software for your small business? This type of program allows you to organize your communication with customers so you can nurture relationships and grow your business. So if you don’t already use CRM […]

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The A-Z of Managing Telecommuters for Your Small Business

September 24, 2018

Via: Small Business Trends

In 2017, a staggering 43% of American workers spent at least some of the time working remotely. The benefits to both employers and employees of telecommunicating are prolific, but, at the same time, remote working is not without its challenges. […]