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These Unexpected Lessons Help New Managers Be Successful

June 14, 2019

Via: Business 2 Community

Being responsible for managers early in their careers is no picnic. There are so many things that they don’t know — and can mess up! Here are several crucial areas experienced managers often don’t think to explain, but which can […]

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If You Don’t Do These 5 Things for Your Employees, It’s Time to Rethink the Way You Lead

June 7, 2019

Via: Inc.

The worst leaders are remembered for what they did to their people, the best for what they did for their people. It’s as simple, and as tricky as that. Tricky because as a leader it’s easy to focus solely on […]

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4 Mistakes Most Leaders Make When Managing Millennial Employees

May 29, 2019

Via: Business 2 Community

In recent years, you will have heard it a hundred times and read it in countless articles: millennials are dominating the workforce. Today, more than one third of US employees are between the ages 18 and 34.By 2020, millennials will […]

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Why Personal Resilience Can Make You a Better Leader

May 22, 2019

Via: Business 2 Community

Nobody is perfect. Sooner or later, even the best leaders experience a setback. Whether they made a mistake or proved unable to handle an unexpected challenge, all leaders must learn to develop personal resilience to overcome disappointments and failures. More […]

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This CEO Learned the Hard Way that Infighting Can Ruin Your Company. Here’s How to Manage Around It.

May 17, 2019

Via: Inc.

A house divided cannot stand. It’s as true in life as it is in business. Conflict inside will inevitably lead to conflict outside. It can be a particularly painful experience when people worked so hard to build something great, only […]

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Most Important Questions to Ask Before You Start a Business

May 15, 2019

Via: Small Business Trends

If you’re excited about starting a business, congrats! Charting your own professional course is very exciting and can be a huge source of joy and money in your life. But it’s not for everyone. And many people try to turn […]

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Do You Need Best Practices to Onboard your New Employees? Read On

May 14, 2019

Via: Small Business Trends

Onboarding new hires is a crucial moment in their company culture experience. Making sure your employees are welcomed and given all the information they need can be crucial for them feeling secure and confident enough to ask questions and successfully […]

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How to Reduce Your Employees’ Stress – and Boost Productivity

May 13, 2019

Via: Small Business Trends

We have the best economy in the last generation. But still almost 80% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. More than 50% say they now save less than $100 a month for emergencies. And small business owners can help reduce […]

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Don’t be a “leader”

May 10, 2019

Via: Strategy Business

The admonition “don’t be a leader” can raise eyebrows, especially when it comes from someone like me, who researches, writes, and speaks about leadership. So let me explain. More and more often, I see that people define being a leader […]

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Windows 10 will soon ship with a full, open source, GPLed Linux kernel

May 7, 2019

Via: ArsTechnica

The current Windows Subsystem for Linux uses a Microsoft-authored kernel component that provided the same kernel API as the Linux kernel but written from scratch by Microsoft. Essentially, it translated from Linux APIs to Windows NT kernel APIs. That worked […]