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The Ultimate Guide on How to Distribute a Press Release

July 1, 2020

Via: Business 2 Community

Press releases are the secret to grabbing the media’s attention. These are short, compelling statements that highlight something newsworthy to get a journalist to reach out for more details. Earned media coverage for your product or service (by sending out […]

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How to Create a Google My Business Page for Your New Business Before it Opens

June 30, 2020

Via: Business 2 Community

So you’re starting a new business. Everything is set and you’ve chosen an opening date, but now you’re wondering how to get people in the door. By creating your Google My Business listing before opening, you can let your community […]

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Remote Employees Are Missing Out on Promotions, Here’s What to Do

June 22, 2020

Via: Inc.

Remote employees risk being passed over for promotions and high-profile assignments in favor of their on-site peers, experts agree, and research backs them up. That’s a big problem for business owners who allow some of their workforce to work from […]

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Lifetime access app deal: Meditating, working out, speed reading, more

June 17, 2020

Via: Mashable

We all have the same amount of time each day as Beyoncé. But not many of us have the same innate talent, nor the same amount of influence. For us mere plebeians, achieving success sometimes means spreading ourselves thin to […]

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5 Things to Consider Before You Use Software to Monitor Remote Employees

June 15, 2020

Via: Inc.

When the coronavirus forced non-essential businesses to close their doors in mid-March, U.S. employers began a sudden experiment in managing millions of Americans working remotely. For a lot of managers, that shift introduced a great deal of uncertainty over whether […]

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Don’t Ignore These 4 Essentials to Make Your New Business Thrive

April 23, 2020

Via: Small Biz Club

Running a business is no minor feat. No matter what products or services you’re providing, which field or industry you specialise in, or what demographic you’re targeting, it’s bound to be a challenge. Even when you’re offering a relatively niche […]

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Less than 40% of customer data execs confident they know where company’s data is stored

December 9, 2019

Via: Marketing Land

Only 38% of the 425 customer data executives “strongly agreed” when asked if they knew where all of their company’s customer data is stored. The survey of director-level or higher executives responsible for customer data management decisions was conducted by […]

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Email marketing: Harnessing the trust factor

November 4, 2019

Via: Marketing Land

In recent weeks, we’ve been exploring the themes laid out in the first-ever Periodic Table of Email Optimization and Deliverability. After Permission, and inextricably tied to it, is the concept of trust. Gaining permission from a recipient to send them […]

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Facebook to limit number of ads Pages can run simultaneously

November 4, 2019

Via: Marketing Land

Facebook announced on Thursday that it will be implementing a limit on the number of ads a Page can run at the same time. To prepare advertisers for the limitations, coming mid-next year, the company is releasing a new version […]

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Facebook ad impressions rise, driven by News Feed, Instagram Stories and Feed ads

November 1, 2019

Via: Marketing Land

Facebook this week reported a 37% increase in ad impressions compared to this time last year and 6% decline in ad costs. The growth in ad impressions were driven primarily by Facebook News Feed Ads, Instagram Stories Ads and Instagram […]