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Why your organization’s wellness app isn’t working

July 15, 2021

Via: Strategy+Business

I recognized the buzz in my pocket. It was my daily reminder to meditate, courtesy of my employer’s wellness app. As usual, I ignored it and went back to work. Make no mistake, I appreciate the concern and generosity reflected […]

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Internal Customer Service: What You Must Know

July 14, 2021

Via: Small Business Trends

Internal customer service involves everything an organization can do to help their employees fulfill their duties, reach their goals and enjoy their work. It covers how different departments communicate with each other and how individuals interact with their colleagues, subordinates […]

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They created a platform to boost the business of Mexican microentrepreneurs

July 7, 2021

Via: Entrepreneur

Deborah Dana is an entrepreneur, mom, and investor. 10 years ago he founded Kiwilimón with Lorenza Ávila, a portal for cooking recipes. In 2009, after the birth of his fourth child, he decided not to return to the day-to-day operation […]

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1 in 4 Americans Plan to Start a Side Hustle This Year

June 17, 2021

Via: Small Business Trends

As many as one in four Americans (24%) are planning on starting a side hustle in 2021. This is on top of the 34% (one in three) of people in the US who have already initiated a side hustle venture […]

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How Digital Transformation Is Changing Project Management

June 17, 2021

Via: Small Business Trends

Globally, traditional businesses have long recognized that digital transformation is the way forward to thrive in a fast-paced world. Digital transformation refers to the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business. It fundamentally changes how one operates […]

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9 Stress Management Techniques for Women Business Owners

June 17, 2021

Via: Small Biz Club

Running a business is stressful. Working under any type of workplace setting can be stressful, actually. If you’ve bought into the myth that it’s possible for women (or any gender) to “have it all,” there’s a good chance you are […]

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ADP Survey Finds Small Business Facing 2 Big Challenges

June 16, 2021

Via: Small Business Trends

As the economy begins its recovery, small business owners say they face two main challenges: Finding qualified employees and adjusting to reduced sales totals. Businesses also cited cash flow, the economy, increase in production costs, capacity constraints and supply chain […]

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How a Thoughtfully Created Process Can Deliver More Effective Results

June 11, 2021

Via: Business 2 Community

When clients ask how to develop better processes for almost any aspect of their business, I ask them what’s triggered their concern. Sometimes the people implementing the process or the people at the receiving end are unhappy with each other. […]

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Where to Discover 3D Printer Projects for your Business

May 11, 2021

Via: Small Business Trends

3D printing opens up a whole new world of possibilities for small businesses. You can use 3D printer models to create small products, prototypes, or parts for equipment. These machines allow you to create your own custom designs. But if […]

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What Is Your Development Plan For Your People?

May 11, 2021

Via: Business 2 Community

My friend, Tibor Shanto, and I were talking this morning. He asked me a fascinating question, “Why don’t managers have a development plan or roadmap for developing the capabilities and performance of their people?” The question caused me to pause […]