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4 easy ways to refresh your marketing strategy during the summer

August 6, 2019

Via: Marketing Land

While summer can be a slower season for some retailers, the large success with massive summer shopping events like Amazon’s Prime Day for brands not named Amazon show there is opportunity in every season. Most importantly, it doesn’t have to […]

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Women Entrepreneurs: 6 Secret Techniques to Overcome the Funding Gap

July 19, 2019

Via: Small Business Trends

There are more than 11.6 million businesses in the United States that are women-owned. Out of businesses that generate $1 million or more, 1 in 5 is owned by women. Being a female entrepreneur is looking better each and every […]

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How To Run a Meeting That Won’t Waste Your Time (Our Top 9 Tips)

July 15, 2019

Via: Business 2 Community

Let’s be real. We’ve all lost hours of our lives to pointless meetings. You know the ones we’re talking about, where one person drones on while another mindlessly checks email and nobody brings any ideas to the brainstorm. We’ve all […]

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8 Tips That May Help You Create Viral Growth for Your Business

July 2, 2019

Via: Business 2 Community

Viral growth has become something of a holy grail for online businesses. Entrepreneurs lose sleep trying to come up with PR stunts, relatable videos, and other strategies just so their product can ‘go viral’. And can you blame them? Who […]

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PR Strategy: 5 Powerful Secrets to Awesome Media Attention

June 25, 2019

Via: Business 2 Community

Your B2B PR strategy is a complex machine, with earned, owned, shared, and paid media components all working together. Today, we’re focusing on the earned media portion of your public relations strategy. What is earned media? It is the attention […]

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5 Startup Costs Most Entrepreneurs Forget to Plan For (Until It’s Almost Too Late)

June 24, 2019

Via: Inc.

You have a great idea for a small business. You’ve tested it. You’ve established key metrics that will help you turn data into insights to help your business stay on track. You’ve built a financial plan that proves you can […]

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You Don’t Have to Say Yes to Everything. Here’s How to Focus on the Right Opportunities

June 21, 2019

Via: Inc.

Hard work is a huge component for success, but the other half arguably is just staying open-minded and scouting for opportunities that can grow you and your career. Embrace this mindset a little off kilter, though, and you might find […]

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How to Boost E-commerce Sales With The Power of Data

June 12, 2019

Via: Business 2 Community

You have an appealing website and a strong social media presence. But why are you not earning more? Where do 1.6 billion online consumers spend their money? If you want more peaks than valleys, you have to pay attention to […]

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Starting Your Business: The Tools, Resources and Mindset You Need to Succeed

May 31, 2019

Via: Entrepreneur

Is one of your main goals for your life to start your own business? Maybe building your own business has been on your bucket list for a very long time? Don’t begin with your current employer; you’ve already heard the […]

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9 Ideas for How to Upsell Your Customers and Increase Sales

May 30, 2019

Via: Business 2 Community

As an e-commerce seller, you’re in business to grow your customer base and increase sales. To do this, you have to reach as many people as possible by way of advertising, promotions, and offers. These are all effective ways to […]