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If You’re Going to Be a Guest on a Podcast, Don’t Make These 4 Mistakes — They Could Cost You Leads.

September 27, 2023

Via: Entrepreneur

In the last 12 months, the demand to become a guest speaker on popular podcasts has skyrocketed. Suddenly, lots of people woke up to the power of this marketing tool — or, as I like to call it, the last […]

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Podcasting will be a $4 billion industry by 2024

May 10, 2022

Via: The Verge

Remember when podcasting becoming a $1 billion industry was a big deal? So quaint. Let’s get into it. Podcasting will be a $4 billion industry in two years It’s the boom times for audio. Ahead of the Podcast Upfronts, the […]

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4 Easy Ways To Get Mega Influencers On Your Podcast

March 28, 2022

Via: Entrepreneur

Podcasting gives you instant authority and celebrity as well as access to authority and celebrity. Having influential guests on your podcast can do so many things for you. It can open doors to others apart from those who didn’t take […]

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How to Maintain a Passion for Podcasting

September 10, 2021

Via: Business 2 Community

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of everyday life. One of the biggest: how we communicate with each other. The surge in recent podcasts is no surprise as we scramble to connect with our friends and peers. And while […]

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How to Market a Podcast: 11 Tips

April 14, 2021

Via: Business 2 Community

Podcasting is the hottest new frontier in marketing, but it’s not always the easiest to navigate. People start podcasts for a number of different reasons, often starting with passion and enthusiasm for a specific field or niche. If you’re considering […]

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Creative B2B Content Marketing Tactics

June 12, 2020

Via: Business 2 Community

Content marketing is a tried-and-true mainstay for many marketing teams. It serves as a gateway to introduce potential audiences to an organization and how its products, services, or expertise addresses their needs and pain. The shape of content marketing is […]