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How much do you pay your ISP? Consumer Reports wants to see your bill

July 14, 2021

Via: ArsTechnica

With broadband-industry lobby groups implausibly claiming that Internet providers have slashed their prices, Consumer Reports is on a mission to collect and analyze thousands of monthly Internet bills from real customers. In an announcement today, Consumer Reports said it launched […]

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Hawley’s antitrust bill focuses on market cap, ignoring consumers

April 14, 2021

Via: ArsTechnica

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) proposed a new bill on Monday aimed at blocking mergers and acquisitions for companies with market caps of over $100 billion. The bill, introduced by Hawley, a frequent critic of Big Tech, is strikingly brief, at […]

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Working from home now? Your 2020 state tax situation could suck

February 25, 2021

Via: ArsTechnica

Imagine for a moment that you work remotely—as so many now do in the COVID era—from a comfortable spare bedroom in your New Jersey home. Your employer is nominally based in New York City, but thanks to the pandemic, you […]

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Now you can enforce your privacy rights with a single browser tick

October 8, 2020

Via: ArsTechnica

Anyone who remembers Do Not Track—the initiative that was supposed to allow browser users to reclaim their privacy on the Web—knows it was a failure. Not only did websites ignore it, using it arguably made people less private because it […]

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What Are the New Rules When Your Employees Work from Home?

July 20, 2020

Via: Small Business Trends

It has been a difficult transition to having staff members go from the office to working from their homes. Leaders were used to their team being all in one place and everyone knew the rules when you were at the […]

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How to Fire an Employee

July 25, 2019

Via: Small Business Trends

Many states have at-will employment provisions for employers and employees. This gives bosses a wide berth to fire people. For workers, there is often a wrongful termination avenue to look into. Long story short is, small business needs to know […]