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Here’s How to Create the Perfect Morning Routine for You, According to a Time Management Coach

February 19, 2023

Via: Inc.

What’s your ideal morning routine? Maybe you should wake before 4 a.m. to read emails, and then head to the gym, like Tim Cook. Or maybe you should meditate and then run six miles, like Jack Dorsey. There’s only one problem with these ideas–they weren’t conceived with you in mind.

You’ve probably heard many times that having a good morning routine can set you up for success and help you “win the day.” That’s true enough. But a good morning routine is one that works for you and was created by you for you, not by some celebrity CEO. Trying to fit themselves into routines that work for others is one of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to add routines to their lives, time management coach and author Anna Dearmon Kornick explained during a recent online workshop.

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