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Craft Your Signature with These Strategies for Powerful Personal Branding

February 29, 2024

Via: Caitlin Simmons

When you hear the term personal branding, you may think about influencers or big-time entrepreneurs and CEOs. However, if you want to stand out in the hustle and bustle of the corporate jungle, personal branding is not just beneficial but […]

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Celebritizing Vs. Celebrating Entrepreneurs: Preserving Authenticity In A Personal Brand-Obsessed World

November 14, 2023

Via: Entrepreneur

Agenuine identity requires no announcement. But the moment one feels compelled to proclaim their personal brand, they risk losing the very essence of authenticity that underpins their credibility and appeal. Arguably, there exists no rigid blueprint for cultivating a robust […]

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How to Lower the Risks to Your Brand Reputation (and Build an Image that Wins New Business)

August 22, 2023

Via: Entrepreneur

There’s little doubt about what brand reputation means to your business and your bottom line. In fact, how people size up your image and, ultimately, connect with your brand, whether online or in-person, is more important than ever. It often […]

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Powerful Personal Branding Prompts: Using ChatGPT To Build An Influential Online Presence

July 11, 2023

Via: Forbes

2023 is a great year for the personal brand. Influential CEOs are securing investment, winning customers and grabbing the attention of the media. Thousands of dollars are flowing towards popular YouTubers, LinkedIn profiles and Twitter personalities. If your name isn’t […]

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Be More Authentic, Offer More Value and Make Stronger Connections By Adopting This Unique Leadership Style

May 24, 2023

Via: Entrepreneur

Personal brand leadership is the new standard for leaders who want to be authentic, connect with their clients/constituents and differentiate themselves from the competition. Everyone is talking about personal branding — and with good reason. Personal branding has emerged, not […]

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How to Succeed in Personal Branding on Social Media

January 13, 2020

Via: Business 2 Community

Social media is like a blank canvas for both personal and work life. Depending on how you use it, you can draw attention to your expertise and establish a solid reputation in your industry. There’s no doubt that there’s an […]

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Build Your Brand: 4 Personal Branding Tips for Influencers

October 15, 2019

Via: Business 2 Community

When it comes to branding, businesses aren’t the only ones with something to gain. And as many businesses as there are, there are even more individuals fighting to stand out from others in their space. As a content creator or […]

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The Easiest Way To Improve Your Personal Brand

July 21, 2017

Via: Business 2 Community

Want to improve your personal brand online in minutes, for pennies a day? It’s simple, and it starts with registering the domain (website address) for your real name. That is the first step toward getting a more professional email address […]

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10 domain name secrets to repair your online reputation

December 1, 2016

Via: Marketing Land

If you’re trying to repair your personal reputation online, chances are you have already figured out that you might need one or more websites devoted to your name to help displace something negative in the search results. Beyond setting up […]

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How to Choose the Right Online Reputation Management Firm

October 3, 2016

Via: Entrepreneur

So you’re looking to improve your online reputation. Perhaps you discovered a negative result showing up in your Google results. Or maybe your business is suffering from a critical review. Whatever the case may be, you decide you need the […]

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6 Ways You’re Making Yourself Look Less Professional

June 27, 2016

Via: Business 2 Community

One of the key steps in your personal branding journey is working out exactly what you want to project. In fact, it’s the first thing you need to do. You may want to brand yourself as an innovator, a fountain […]

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Your Personal Branding Strategy is Failing: Here’s Why

June 1, 2016


Personal branding is part of your identity and an essential one at that as only 33 percent of folks trust messages from faceless brands. Like any type of digital marketing strategy, it’s not as easy as throwing money at the problem. Developing […]