image credit: Pixabay

6 Ways to Upgrade Your Customer Experience in 2020

You’ve got great products. You’ve got competitive prices. You’ve got lovable ads. But unless your customer experience is exceptional, you aren’t going to get ahead in 2020.

Remember, research giant Walker predicted seven years ago that CX would overtake price and product as the primary brand differentiator by 2020. With 2020 here, it’s time to plan a final CX push. If fast growth is your goal, CX is your route to getting there.

What does that mean? Something different for every brand. Some companies win with frictionless sales or stellar customer service. Others are “all in” on social responsibility. One brand I worked with decided to define itself by its ease of use; the leaders focused on developing an intuitive interface and showcasing the brand’s 24/7 customer service accessibility.

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